The RV Show

We went to the Buffalo RV show, this is the 4th time we have been there. Kind of the same thing this year, except the local dealer we have been talking to had on display the 5th wheel we have been looking into buying. That would be the Heartland, Big Country 3450ts. I was able to go through it, in it, over it, and under it. Spent about 2 hours all together. Melissa was able this time to sit in it and move around to get the feel of it. The 2014 model is a little different then the one we had seen before. Specifically they have removed the L shape from the kitchen and just now have a peninsula . We really did like the L shape, but we can live with the change. In saying that this is the model WE like a lot. We will have to order it, as we want some extras they offer. You can see those on “The Rig” page.
Now we just have to figure out when we want to order it, and from who. That will be the biggest decision to make in the near future. for now that’s it..