There it is all hitched up ready to go. This week end we are going for a shake down run to a local state park. My first time really driving it and getting it backed up to the spot, it will be quite the experience. Will update on how it went when we get back002


Been busy lately, got the cover off the Rv a week ago, and it is dirty. The weather here is still cool compared to what it should be. Been getting it opened up, but the big thing is that I have been hooking it up and taking it out on the road, (YAY) not far, 8- 10 miles at time, boy is it big on the road. A lot to get used too. It tows nice and i seem to be sort of getting the hang of it. I also have been practicing backing it up, that is going slow, but when I get it backed to where I want, I feel satisfied, just need to practice more. We will be getting ready this week for our trip next week to Four Mile Creek state park. Will be there five days, that’s where I will be nervous backing it in.
Other than that I did update the blog with a new look and added more links , so for now that is done.