Monday we took the 5er out for a drive, about 50 miles or so. It was one of the very few days here it was sunny. We had to drop off some stuff to my sister in law for the garage sale, so we took it out. On the last turn before we get to my brother’s, I pulled over and told Melissa I did not feel well. She looked at me strange and I said it again adding I think you better drive. She certainly looked concerned, then I smiled and said your turn to drive. I got her good, her mood changed from real concern to you, ass hole you. I got out and went to the passenger side and she got in the drivers seat. I really wasn’t too concerned, it was only a little over a mile and no turns. She did good and I am proud of her, she got up to about 40 mph or so, and came to a good stop in front of my brother’s house. She now knows what it’s like to pull 13,000 pounds or so. From there I pulled it into the driveway. Now its all I hear, when can I drive it again. Hold your horses, I say a little at a time.


Well on the move sort of. Friday we hitched up and took the Rv to the nearest dump station ,which happened to be an Rv dealer. It was free, which was nice. It was a round trip of 42 miles. The plan I had to dump our black tank water, in my brothers septic did not pan out, so every two weeks or so we will have to hitch up and go to the dump. That’s OK, as it gives me a little drive time with the 5er.

When we got back to our home base, from the dump station, we set up in the back area, next to our shed. This is where we will be for the summer until we leave we leave in September. The weather still has not been all that great, more rain, and still cooler. Next year for sure we will not come back until the beginning of June. Other than that not much has been happening. Pics below are of our spot.


Looking at our spot from the back yard of my brothers.


A closer view.


From our steps on the RV.


Looking at my brothers house from our set up.


A view from the far back by the woods.


Another view from the back