We are now back in the 5er. We got it yesterday afternoon. I will not go into the roof much this post, but it did turn out good.

Our stay at the Holiday Inn Express was very nice. The room was big, had a nice shower, and had cable tv. Tuesday we did not have the truck as it had to go in for inspection and brakes. $1,600 dollars worth of brakes, but it was not a big surprise, I knew we were going to need new rotors and calipers along with the brakes. Anyway my mechanic was right down the street, so he picked up the truck and dropped it off. A few of the days Melissa went to work, which was not very far from where we were. I went in the pool most days, and just stayed around. We had our computer with us so that was good. For dinners we went to a few places, one was just a half mile away. The Buffalo Beer Project, we went there twice. The food was very good and we Did have a few beers, I rarely drink beer, but hay we didn’t pay for it. The food was also very good. From our window at the hotel we could see it was packed every day, which kind of surprised me. The other thing that surprised me was that the hotel was full every night, I never would have thought that ,being where it is. Anyway our stay is over. Cooper also had a good week of fun at the kennel. I have been checking out the rig here and will post on that tomorrow. Still a few issues.


This morning we went to the dealer to look at the work being done. I was loaded for bear on what i wanted to say and expected. The service manager took us in the shop to see the rig. When we got to our Rv I asked him a few questions on what was happening and how they were going to lay the rubber roof on. Everything he told me was pretty much what i was hoping for. I then went up the ladder and talked to the guy working on the roof. We talked a little while and everything he said was what i wanted to hear. Upon looking at the roof, the new plywood was on and he was stapling down the side metal panels. We talked about ten minutes or so, and I let him get back to work. As we walked out of the shop, I felt a big sigh of relief, feeling pretty good the work this time will be good. As of right now we are set to pick the Rv up Saturday afternoon. All the work will NOT be done, this week was about the roof. The remaining work will have to be done in a week or so, which will require us to leave the Rv for the day. We have to be alright with that as there isn’t much we can do about it. Saturday will be the day to see how it turned out. Stay tuned to the great Rv debacle of 2021

New plywood on with side metal strips, looking toward the front
The back


We are now at the Holiday Inn Express till Saturday morning. We dropped off the 5er this morning at Colton Rv for the second chance go around. The service manager we are dealing with seemed a little non shalant about the repair work needed. I let him know up front ,that everyone needs to be on there “A” game this week. I also E-mailed the owner and told him that also.

The Holiday Inn here is pretty new, I think only a year old. It is pretty nice, the room is pretty big, and it is nice that it has a big tub and shower. They have a pool but small , which I will use. It is close to where Melissa works, and she will go to work this week, while we stay here. We are looking at it as a little vacation, from our life of vacation, Ha. For now thats it.


Well, After almost three weeks of hurry up and wait, and wait some more, the 5er goes in this coming Monday the 23rd for it’s second try at repairs. I am told it will take five days to do all the work needed. So that means we can pick it up on Saturday the 28th, we will see. We will be staying at the Holiday Inn Express on Transit road in Lockport, all paid for by the dealer. Also Cooper will go to the kennel for a week, all paid for by the dealer. As we will not have the Rv to cook in we have to eat out, all will be paid for by the dealer. Sounds like they are doing us a favor, right. Not by a long shot, that is the very least they can do after the great Rv debacle of 2021 as it is now called. Other than that there is not much new around here, as if that isn’t enough. Stay tuned for updates.


Since I made the last post, I have done a lot of inspecting on the Rv. WOW, is all I can say, Major issues with the decking and rubber roofing put on. I mean major. When we got the rig back i just thought it was the bubbles in the roofing, not so. Horrible job underneath, not much was done the way it should have been.

When you take off a rubber roof on an Rv you have to take all the mouldings off where the roof ends, sides, front and back. Then you can rip the rubber off, and expose the wooden decking,. Then you put a new rubber roof on and put back the side mouldings, and the ones on the front and back. Well thats not how they did it.

After all my inspecting I found out that they did take off the front and back mouldings, but the sides they did not. They may have loosened the screws and all that to get the old rubber out, but thats it. Hard to picture, well see below.

The picture above shows the front mouldings, they were taken off and put back on, except for the very ends of each side

The back moulding reapplied, what about the left side being so crooked, the right side having a scab piece and the middle piece all banged up and chaulked to be jesus.

Left side
Right side. What hapened.

If you notice the left side picture you will can see how far the side of the Rv metal cap is out of wack. They never bothered to put it at a ninety degree angle. So putting on the rear moulding is off to. Then came the middle part which went on and did not line up into the back panel of the Rv, so they banged it in and chaulked it. In doing all that because the left is so far out, the right moulding cap is short, so they just added a scab.see that the side of the Rv. I think a blind guy did it.

The top sides of the Rv have a metal piece that is on top of the plywood and goes over the side and onto the first couple inchs of the fiberglass sides, this is all then stapled in place. The left side of ours had to be replaced from the hail damage. To do it right you have to take off the gutter rail, they didn’t, they just stuffed the metal into the top of the channel as best they could. So this means when the rubber roof goes on, they also just stuffed it into the channel as best they could, then chaulked the heck out of it.

This is what we got all along the length

On the top of the decking as i mentioned they put the metal corner piece over the plywood. Well, when they put the new plywood on the roof, they ended it short of the metal, which should have been lifted and the plywood put underneath.

Plywood ends at my finger ,should be under the metal strip


Friday July 30th we met with one of the service managers. The meeting lasted 30 minutes, we went armed with a 32 page repair book.

When we got done, there wasn’t much they could say, they really messed up. In the end we were assured that all will be repaired and fixed the way it should be. Also they waived our deductable, and will pay for a hotel for the time the repairs will be done. They will also put in two new fans and a few other things we asked for. We made it clear we that we are not happy and we expect it to be done to our satisfaction. As we have already sent the owner a letter he is well aware of our situation, and will give no slack to anyone on this.

The saga will continue.