We are now at Sleepy Hallow campground. It was about a 50 mile drive from our home base at my brothers. It took about an hour to get here. Melissa worked today so we didn’t leave until 4 pm. rush hour traffic, but not to bad after all. I had the 5er all hitched up and ready to go when she got home, and off we went. We will see some of my childhood friends here over the week end. Also Sunday my brother is having his Labor day party,  so we will go to that, which is only about 7 miles from here. Also we are hoping to catch up with our Rv buds, Bill and Sandy, Sunday noonish for lunch, as they criss cross the northeast, catching up with there daughter ,who is hiking the Appalation trail. We will be here till Monday, and then back to our home base for about ten days, then we are off to Florida. Right now I am a little worried about the hurricane heading to Florida, will have to see next week what if any damage it does. Pic below is of our spot here.



We have now been here at our home base in Newfane for 3 months, one month to go and we are off to Florida for our 3 month work camping stint starting Oct 1st. The weather here for a while now has been very nice. Melissa has been working 3 days a week, and I have been busy bothering people, and pretty much making a nuisance out of my self. Not really, there is a lot to do on the Rv every week ,and I have been busy around here completing the arranging of the shed. In the next month we will be seeing more of our friends we have not seen yet and going to Sleepy Hollow camp ground for the Labor day weekend. After that we have a week to get ready to leave. I am ready to leave now. I will be posting our agenda here shortly of our upcoming trip for the winter.  We have for sure decided that we will not be back here until late May next year.


One thing I have done here to the Rv, is replace a breaker, before we came back ,the slides were not coming in all the way, they would just stop. The battery was checked and I even got a new one. Someone on the Heartland forum said it was the breaker, sure enough it was. This little thing is a 50 amp mini breaker, which powers the slides. The other one was getting too hot and just stopped, then reset itself a few seconds later Now the slides work fine.


The one with the red cover off is the one I replaced.



We are enjoying summer and have been “Fun and Frolicking” about.

We have also accomplished tasks we have wanted to do for along time.

Dave has been working on the shed he made last year and has decorated it with pictures and memorabilia. An impressive “Heshed” as well as maintaining the outside of the Fiver.   He also made a shelf at the end of our island for extra allure and use.

I finally made the curtains and the pillows for the living area, below are the before and after pictures. It made the whole area a lot brighter.