Heard from the dealer on May 21st the big country is done and will be shipped to him by the 25th. It’s really happening. He has a lot of prep to do and I know he is very busy this time of year, so I am going to ask him to hold off a week or so and do the extensive prep work , then. This way he will not be rushed. We also will be able to stay overnight at his small campground , to do the pre inspection and stay in it and see how all things work, with any bugs he may need to fix. This looks like it will be the week end of June 11th.

Melissa seems to be getting very excited, me on the other hand , I am excited but I seem a little blah about it, work has been a major issue lately.



We heard today, the Big Country will be produced the week of May 16th, with delivery to the dealer the 25th or 26th. Doesn’t take long to make one I guess. Now we are getting pretty excited. We have been also putting in the water and power line to my brother’s barn in Newfane. Since we will have no truck it will have to stay put for awhile. We do have plans for a friend to move us to a couple nearby campgrounds during the summer for a week or so. But overall it will be at Steve’s where we will be keeping the rig for now. this is where we will start the transition of getting it all set up the way we want. For now that’s it.