We have had a very exciting last two weeks. Have a lot to bring up to speed.

The Big Country was delivered to us on June 18th at @ 10:30. I kept going to the edge of the driveway to see if it was coming and then there it was. The first thing I thought of was Oh boy it’s big. The driver got it in and placed it where we wanted, unhitched, got her leveled and there it was. He said it drove like a dream.

Once he left we opened her up , got the slides out and just stood there a few minutes, both of us thinking WOW, here it is. I got the water and electric hooked up and tested the plumbing all again. Put out the awning, and as it was a hot day turned on the front air for the first time, we were not able to do that at the dealers, so I was a little worried. We have the new Dometic A/C system, and I let it run all day. There’s a lot more to this story, so i’ll save that for later. Melissa started cleaning all the cabinet’s and stuff, I was busy with rechecking all the electrical, propane and electrical stuff.

Before we knew it was about 4 our friend’s Beth and Fran along with her mother arrived. We had invited them for dinner. We showed them around for a while and then I cooked up steak and chicken on the grill and we had dinner. It was a great time and before we knew it, it was about 8 p.m. So after they left we got ourselves situated and geared up for going to bed. We slept o. k. , the mattress Is very hard. We got up about 9 or so and went out to breakfast in Newfane to a little place called Bob’s Diner. When we got back we kind of got packed up and headed back home, (The RV is at my brother Steve’s house in Newfane).When we got all unwound, we just looked at each other with smile’s, the Big Country is everything we had hoped for and more. It is now HOME.