The Beginning


A couple of years ago (early 2011) we began discussing how and when we might want to think about retirement. We have always thought the sooner the better, as we both realize life is to short, and it is OUR time to get out and enjoy every moment we can. One of our first thoughts was to keep our current house and look for another or a condo down south or out west.
While doing all this I came across an article in Retire Early magazine regarding people who have made the move to RVing full time. After reading the article we both looked at each other and said “We can do that”
Thus began the search to find out all about the RVing lifestyle. First we checked websites, then how to sites and then blogs, with people who have already delved into it. To think I knew a little about Rving is an understatement. WOW, three plus years later and we have a mountain of paperwork about everything you can imagine about, beginning RVing to full time Rving to Boondocking, a budget, what to travel in, and on, and on. This is also along with the hundreds of blogs, forums and websites we have visited and kept track of.
I’m glad we did not just pack up, sell and jump in head first into all this. The research we have done in the last 3 years or so has been not only a monster of a learning curve, but also an enlightenment of how much we DID not know.
So, that is and was the beginning. We still have a long way to go, but am happy to say, the decision has been made that this is something that WE both want to do and explore.
We have so much that we have to do yet in the next year and a half, but we are ready for a new lifestyle change and commited, and I think that is the most important thing.
So we hope you join us in our transition from a brick and stick, stationary lifestyle to a hopefully mobile, more care free lifestyle. With nothing but beauty out there to see and explore ,I don’t see how we can go wrong.

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