Took the Rv in the other day to have the brakes and wheel bearings checked. With only 600 miles on the unit, a few people said I was wasting my money and time, glad I did not listen. The front left wheel bearing seal was blown out and grease got all over the brakes and system, not good. They checked the other three wheels and 3 more seals were cracked so they had to be replace. The problem they said was too much grease in the bearing assembly. I never even had the tries off, so this was done at the factory or dealer where I got it. Needless to say I was not happy.

So it all was fixed, I paid the bill and off I went, happy to have had it checked, but not happy with so little miles, I had such a problem going on. So I wrote a letter to Heartland, we will see where it goes, most likely no-where.

It is getting very close to departing time, and we are doing a lot to get moved out of the apartment and into the Rv or store stuff at my brothers. I have to say I am getting excited and a bit nervous and apprehensive, but I guess that is all part of it.


Made a few more improvements to the Rv lately. The first one was to get rid of one of the recliners. we originally thought it would be good to have them in the back of the coach instead of the side. While it is O.K. you cannot see the Tv. when you are sitting in the one. So we decided to put a table there, this will also let Cooper get under it as we want his bed to be there. We think it looks pretty good there and matches quite nice. The other thing I did was to take the little area in the bedroom they have for the washer /dryer, and made it into a computer area. I still have to do a few things yet but it turned out good also. Happy with the improvements I have made lately.