FRIDAY the 22nd- What a nightmare but Fate was on our side

Well Friday came, and it was time to go to the apartment we had decided on a few months earlier, and start to move stuff into the garage. I walked in the front door, with Melissa behind me and I heard uch, disgusting. (As a guy we do not see such things right away.)but Melissa did. The place was filthy, not dirty, but down right filthy. the floors were dirty and in the kitchen it was worse, dust ad cobwebs were everywhere. The cabinets were grimy and inside not cleaned out. The ref was covered in crap stuff inside and even the oven door was dirty. Upstairs the carpet was not cleaned and all the windows were dirty with flies and other dead bugs there. The bathroom was worse.

It as only 9:15 in the morning and it was clear we had a problem. Melissa was not even entertaining the fact of cleaning it herself. It took me some time to see all this, my mind was on the guy we rented from a childhood friend(NOW WHAT DO WE DO)I told him we would take it a while back. It was clear Melissa was not going to be happy here, even if it got all cleaned up and pretty. So we went home and I told Missy to call a few cleaning people and see what it might cost and also call her sister as she was coming over anyway and they both could go over and mull it over, with another apionion. In the meantime I left, I knew right away ,this is not the place. I drove about 10 miles away to a place we had looked at earlier, and thought I would get the numbers and call them. I happened to see an open house sign and jotted it down. When I got back I right away called and made an appointment for 3 pm to look. Then Melissa said her sister was coming over and that it would be about $300.00 or so to clean the apartment.

Once her sister showed up they left to go see, I had another number to call and did so and set up an appointment for Saturday. Both these places are for 55 and up active adults. Once they came back it was a done deal, we were not taking the place. Her sister left and Melissa called the landlord (as I did not have the guts) and told him the story, he was very upset. We went to the place at 3 and had a nice tour and it was WOW, for just a little more,we could have a real nice place. This place had it all. They did a background check and all was well and we said OK, we will decide Tomorrow. So Sat came and we went to the other place, turns out they are the same, he knew we had seen the other place and said here we offer just a little less in amenities as the other place. He showed us the first floor, two bedroom unit and it was a done deal ,we took it. Long story short, it started as a horrific day Friday and turned out to be a great day at the end. Fate , or what ever it was, was on our side that day.

Now for the moving in. As of today we have signed the lease and will move in by the 4th of Oct as the closing has been pushed back till the 6th or so.

Will update on that soon.


It’s here, moving time, seems like we just came back from our labor day vacation with the Rv, which we learned we are only about 1/3d ready to do. More on that later.

But now, IT’s Time to move. All the planning, worry, and endless time passing from the house being put up for sale and now, is OVER. Time to get a move on. Will be a big week coming up, with moving to the apartment and all the stuff going to the shed at Steve’s. Melissa is behind the times with all this, she has been busy working and her thoughts have been on that, but now we both have to concentrate on the move. We are ready, just have to do it. One odd thing though people have asked are you excited, happy and all that, and the real answer is NO, we have been to busy with everything else, and we still are IN the house, I hope once we are gone it will be a more happy, feeling settling in as this is what we have planned for. Will update when it is all over.