Last Weekend, Saturday, Sunday & Tuesday Were Great Days, Monday was good too.

Our Friends Skip & Nancy came to visit us here in Tucson on Saturday. It was great to see them, the last time we saw them was when we all were volunteering at John Pemmekamp in Key Largo.

They haven’t taken the scenic Catalina Highway the drive to Mt. Lemon, so we were happy to show them the 25-mile paved National Forest Scenic Byway. As it is always listed as one of Arizona’s most beautiful drives and you always see something different.

Our 1st stop by the creek

2nd stop The Prison Camp, now the Gordon Hirabayashi Recreation Area.

The 3rd stop where all the huge boulders are.

It snowed a few days ago in Tucson so even though it was in the upper 60s, Summerhaven on top of Mt. Lemon still had snow.

Another reason to go see Mt. Lemon besides it being so scenic, is the fudge they have at the Mt. Lemon general store, it’s so good!

Soon Nancy & Skip will be on their way to Alaska in their RV, we enjoyed seeing them and wish them the best of luck and safe travels, until we meet again!

On Sunday we went to El Charro’s authentic Mexican Restaurant with Sharon & Garth who live at Voyager.

Established in 1922 by Tia Monica Flin, El Charro Café of Tucson, Arizona is The Nation’s Oldest Mexican Restaurant in continuous operation by the same family. Tia Monica, a true entrepreneur chef, came to Tucson via France in the 1800’s when her father Jules, a famous stone-mason, was commissioned to build the city’s pristine St. Augustine Cathedral. Jules, whose signature work can be seen throughout Tucson’s Historic District, also built the families residence in 1896. This same building is now home to the Original Downtown El Charro Café location on Court Avenue.

They celebrated their 100 year anniversary in 2022.

Tia Monica Flin, is well-known as “The Inventor of The Chimichanga.

image of the restaurant & cocktail area

I know what the restaurant looks like doesn’t matter, it’s how the food tasted and it was very good.

On Tuesday we went to The Gaslight Theatre to see Two Gun McGraw a musical western.

The theatre originally started out as a drama production in Alaska started by Tony Terry Junior, a former U of A student. Terry and his friends soon got tired of the cold and headed back to the southwest. They then moved into an old barn on Tanque Verde Rd. Their next move ended up in the old Jerry Lewis Theatre doing most of the work themselves. They renovated the theatre and also built “Little Anthony’s Diner” from the ground up to become a very popular local entertainment area.

Dave was happy that they had popcorn on the tables and kept on refilling the baskets. He enjoyed the show too.

It starts  in the frontier town of San Pecos, Texas. It seems no one can stop the local cattle rustlers and crooked officials. Until one man, with his six shooters at his hip and guitar on his back, rides into town on his trusty horse, Ranger, and vows to clean up the town. That man is none other than Two-Gun McGraw, a cowboy who faces down desperados when he is not persuading the ladies with song.

It was a lot of fun with singing, jokes and audience participation.

After the play ended they had the cast imitate different country stars. The one above was Johnny and June Carter, they did different stars like Hank Williams, Billy Cyrus, Patsy Cline and others. They all sounded really good. It was definitely a fun time.

The cast

Monday was a good day too just chillin.

We got a surprise in Tucson this morning

When you think of Arizona you think of the beautiful scenery and the hot temperatures

We woke up to see . . .

Not just a dusting but about 3 inches.

These three pictures were taken out our RV’s window. We didn’t think to bring a snow brush or scrapper.

Across the street where we walked last weekend when the weather was in the 70’s.

Have you ever seen a picture of a Saguaro or palm trees with snow on them.

Snow on Mt. Lemon, I know their happy to get the snow for the skiers and the people who try to go sledding.

The snow around the RV park.

Everyone is telling us it’s very rare in Arizona to get snow, it’s already melted, and this weekend it will be in the 70s!!

They did close the schools and some government offices. There wasn’t any snow on the ground because it’s to hot, so everyone was driving ok. Glad it wasn’t icy.

While driving around we saw some people actually throwing snow at each other. Nobody told them your suppose to make the snow into a snowball first… it was funny

Rock Art Trail

Across the street from Voyager is a lot of trails you can take in the desert. We went on the Rock Art trail and saw some great Rock Art.

Cow Boy on a horse

The path you take has stones showing you the way

Half Moon / Bow Tie

An old Indian art is a creature from the American Indians, they are described as part human and part bird.

Bobcat / Modern Art

Deer / Dinosaur

Roadrunner / Indian lady

Bird / Heart

Snake / The snake’s rattler

Man / Coyote

Arrow / Indian playing the flute

Sun /

Saguaro Cactus


State of Oregon

Antelope / Indian Design


Snow on the top of the mountains, 9,000 ft. above sea level

Symbol of a male / Symbol of a female


Voyager had a quilt show in the ballroom so we went to check it out.

I haven’t been to a lot of quilt shows but this one really impressed me so I took pictures to share.

These two quilts have Arizona all over them.

This quilt makes you thirsty

This quilt would look great in a big room with a wall to hang it up.

One of my favorites

Two of my favorites

This quilt is extra special because she had to sew the flowers on too.

I never made a quilt but I can appreciate all the work and time that goes into making one, but the results are incredible.