A BUMPY 2014

Well its the end of the year, It’s been a little bumpy for us. BOTTOM LINE- No RV yet. Decided on our local dealer who gave us a great price, but contrary to what I thought, it was a little harder to get a home equity loan than first thought. So everything was put on hold, to pay down some debt and get my credit score higher. Well its taken all year. The dealer has been great with us and will hold the same discount if prices go up in March of 2015, which is when we intend to order the rig. Should also have some cash in hand which will help lower the loan amount.

One other thing through us for a loop this year. Lee our collie had to have him left leg amputated due to cancer. Needless to say we were and still are devastated. He also had to go three rounds of chemo. Right now he is 5 months post amputation. He is doing very well and is a real trooper and our hero. Getting around just like before. We are very hopeful it has not spread, will find that out in Jan 2015.

Otherwise we are just keeping the faith, and getting some things done here at the house, and parting with things either to the family or the junk heap. Our plan is to order the rig in March and hope we get approved. Once that is done we can really start to move forward.

For now that’s it.