Wow, it is the 10 th of January already. Been meaning to update, but time flies by. We had a good holiday season, saw some good friends and family. This will be the last time for a while that we will be here for the holidays. It as always went by too fast. The last few weeks have been brutal cold here 0 for the highs, it sucks. The RV is snow covered and frigid, I am not happy about it.
Condo or apartment life is going pretty good, no major issues. I am doing a lot of paper work right now. Getting everything we have like credit cards, insurances, and a ton of the like concerning our lives. All of this I am putting on spread sheets, and making copies for us and a few other people to give when we leave. That way if we lose something somebody has a copy. It is more work than I thought. Plus I am doing a lot of other stuff to get prepared. Other than that just going through the motions with everything else.
Cooper is doing good. He is growing and has a lot of energy. We take him to day care a few times a week so he can burn it off. He is really a good little puppy. He just turned 8 months old.
In a week or so will be figuring out our route for the fall down to Florida. With that also deciding where we want to stay and booking them early. This will be the hard part to figure that all out.
We have 3 months or so till we can get to the RV, and open it up. Have a lot to do then .