The Transition

This page will be about how WE make the Transition to this new and exciting lifestyle. It will be a page in progress and continually added to or changed. Basically it think of it as a “QUESTION AND ANSWER PAGE”. Will all the answers be correct, most likely not, but hopefully they will be the best answers for us. Any comments would be appreciated.

But first a little about what WE see our transformation, starting out as !!!.

We hope to be on the road 6-7 months of the year, when it is winter up here. Then be back here in the summer months at my brother’s in Newfane. We will live in the Rv while we are there, so I guess that makes us “fulltimers”. While there it will be our “HOME BASE” or base of operations. From there we can plan our future trips while at the same time still be with family, which I think is very important.

  • WHAT ARE WE RUNNING FROM – This is a big question, are we running from something or to something??. We don’t believe we are running from something or to get away . We have been here 23 years, we do not need to run away, we are going to part ways, with the standard, brick and wood structure of life we have created. After owning a house for 23 years, it is not really the “American Dream” that we are all programmed early in life that we need to have. There are a lot of other ways to have the American Dream in your life. you just have to break away from what society has perceived to be normal. A change has been needed in our lives for the past 3 0r 4 years. We have both decided this is the next chapter in our lives and just as we learned over the years to be in a stationary lifestyle, we can and will learn to be free and easy in a mobile lifestyle.
  • THE HOUSE – We will be selling our house, there really is no choice in the matter. We will need to do a few things like new paint and power wash the outside, but for the most part it will remain the same. We have already gone room to room, listing everything to sell, keep give away and so on. The basement and garage are a different story, Yikes!!!!
  • THE STUFF – WE have a ton of stuff, as I mentioned above, we have gone room to room and sorted out things to sell, keep, or give away etc. Some things we could not decide on yet and they are in the “Limbo” File.
  • FAMILY AND FRIENDSRight now at the start of this blog 04/03/2013, there are only two people who know we are in the process of this transformation of lifestyle. They both are very happy for us and think it is a good move. SOON, we will telling the rest of the family and all our friends. There will be some people who just will “FREAK” out. More to come soon.
  • LEGAL ADDRESS – I have researched this to death. There is no way we want to have our legal address in New York. BUT after care full consideration, we will have to for now, a couple of years anyway. This will give us time to look at different options, once we travel around for a while. Once we sell the house, we will change to either the UPS Store, or my brothers address in Newfane.
  • MAIL
  • TV

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