Well its 2016 a new year. Trying not to look back at the last year and a half.

Looks like we have everything in place to make the big move. So come the end of March looks like we will be ordering the Heartland, Big Country 3450 ts, finally. Will be seeing the Rv dealer we have been working with the last few years at the RV show  later this month and kind of go over things. Then make the order late March. Pretty excited but not doing summersalts yet.

Also looking into a new phone. We really do not have a cell phone, so after much research, it looks like an iphone 6s will be the choice, and Verizon will be the carrier. Much more coverage than most. We  Hope to have that all done by Mid March.

For now that’s it and will update more in April


Good riddance to 2015, it was a terrible year. Still haunted by the passing of our big man Lee. We also knew of 6 other people that had to put there dogs down. We also had some other personal issues to deal with, and the loss of Melissa’s mother on Oct 18, she was 94. There really isn’t much else to say, but 2016 looks to be the year.