We will be leaving here from our home base, this Sunday October 3rd. We have seven stops planned. Our first stop will be Gettysburg for three nights, then a few one day hopes, and a couple more two nighters. Arrival at John Pennacamp state park in Key Largo October 15th. Most likely will not make a lot of posts as all the places we will be stopping we have stayed before. The weather looks like rain for early next week, but it is what it is.

Key Largo will be our home for three months, maybe a little more, not sure yet. For now that is about it. The weather here is getting much cooler, so we are ready to get to warm sunny Florida, speedo time.


A while back I made a post, that upset family and friends. It was never my intension to do such a thing. The post was fueled by a number of frustrations that I had been going through, and it spilled over into the post. Without going into detail, some of the things I said were hurtful and were not meant to be ,at all towards anyone.

Melissa and I are very grateful and thankful for all the help and generosity that came our way during the issues we had with the RV. Unfortunately, that was not what my post conveyed.

Family and friends are the most important things to Melissa and I. After all how much longer do we all have left as we are all getting older.



So far since my last post I have not heard from the dealer, wonder why. I did however E- mail the rep at Dicor on Tuesday, who informed me that the new roof had been shipped to the dealer, and that their roof specialist had talked to the dealer regarding installation procedures. This confused me as we had told them we may not go back and we were heading for Florida soon. Oh, well not my issue, as we still have not heard back from anyone. Doesn’t matter any way, we are going to wait and have the new roof put on when we are in Florida sometime. I have talked to the insurance company and they agree the roof needs replacing and no payment will be made to the dealer for the botch jobs so far. When the dealer finds that out, I bet they will call me right away, too bad.

One thing not so good did happen early last week, we had a good rain storm one night. We awoke to a huge puddle of water in the living room under the air conditioner. Great, it was actually still dripping, so we got some buckets. All toll we had a few gallons of water come in. I did some research and found out that most likely the bolts to tighten it down were loose. sure enough when i got the cover off only one was tight, the other three easily turned with the ratchet, so I tightened them down and replaced the cover. Last night we had rain, and no leak, knock on wood hope that was it. Also when I was on the roof. I looked at the side gutter moulding, which holds down the rubber roof. No chaulk on the top of it at all, which means water can come into the back of the moulding. WHAT THE HELL, what else.

This week I have to call the insurance company about a few things, and that will be it. Gonna try not to worry about the roof any more, it should be OK, till we get to Florida for a while.

We have three weeks left before we head out.



when we went to get the Rv ,i went up a ladder and scanned the roof , It was still in one of the bays ,so not in any bright light. i told the guy, OK, but lets see what happens in the sunlight.


I went on the roof, and at first it all looked good, until I got to the front. The first eight feet of the roof, had lots of two to four inch bubbles in it. Oh, boy., not good. Why just there??, there we a few around the rest of the roof, but very small ones.


I sent an E-mail to my contact at Colton, with pictures of the roof. He got back to me a little while later, with “I am at a loss for words at seeing this” (Really) and also said he would be contacting Dicor to see how they could help. Dicor is the EPDM roof manufacturer, they supply the rubber roof, glue and all else needed for installation of a roof. My first thought about what he said was , Contact Dicor, for what, the roof is crap again, let’s get it fixed. So i sent an E-mail back to him with “Dicor, Approval or not, we have a big issue here. This has been no fault of our own.” That’s it


In the afternoon i got a call from the “Owner”, he left me a message to call him back. Also on Wednesday I called Dicor direct and left a message for someone to call me back.


I called the owner around eleven or so. I did not know what to expect. He said they were working with Dicor, on this and he thought it was a glue issue. (As you may recall that was also what they said about the first roof failure, which I doubt, in which they did get Dicor to cover everything, even our hotel stay.) I came right back and said, how do you figure that ,it is only on a eight by eight foot area, and you think it was a glue issue. At that point he got into how his team goes by a procedure to put these roofs on and Bla, Bla, Bla. I said wait, either the glue dried or not enough or most likely they didn’t squeegee that area enough. Then I said it shouldn’t matter there is an issue here and it needs to be taken care of. All I heard back was ,we will keep in contact with Dicor on this and get back to you. It was all a bunch of BS, to me, so they can cover there butt, and not admit it may have been there fault . That was the end of that.

About an hour later I got a call from Dicor products. I had left them a message the night before and they called me back. The rep had called me back, and knew who I was and all about the issues. She said that Colton had sent them the new pics etc, and was blaming the glue as the failure. She thought right away after looking at the pics that the roof was not squeegeed enough in that spot. She was however waiting for one of the tech guys to come in and call Colton and go over in detail there method of installation. She also mentioned that it had been twice now that the new fans were not put in (how did she know that, I don’t know) when we asked for them. As we continued to talk, she was pretty much making it clear to me there was a lack of workmanship and communication at the dealer. Before any real decision was to be made she wanted her guy to talk to Colton. I thanked her for her help and asked to be kept in the loop and that was that.

Labor Day.

Sa I write this tonight, we have decided not to return to the dealer for any more service. This coming week I have to call the insurance company, to come out and reinspect the Rv to document everything. Call Dicor to see how that turned out. I am also going to call another dealer close by to see if they can come out and do an independent inspection for me and also price out a new roof. Plus a number of other things. So the saga continues.

Left and right front of the Rv with the bubbles.