Man, I keep saying it but time flies. We have been back from Sedona almost a month already. Sedona was wonderful, we did a lot, saw a lot and experienced a very different lifestyle, than that which we have in the north-east. I loved it there. Melissa broke her hand , though, on one of the hikes we took. By the end of June it should be healed. Lately we have had our garage sale, which we did good at, did not get rid of as many antiques as I would have thought. So we have to think about what we are going to do with some of it. We are also now trying!!! to get in high gear on cleaning the house and getting things sorted and put away. Our target date to list the house is for July 14th. We will see.


On the Rv front it came out of storage 3 weeks ago, and went right to the dealers, to have some warranty work done, along with a few other items I wanted them to do. We still do not have it. Hopefully this week-end and it will go to my brothers again. We have a lot to bring over to it and start to make it a home. For now that’s it.