WOW, Already the 4th of July, wonder how long this holiday will still be around. That’s a story for another time.

We have been at our home base now for six weeks, seems longer. Coming back here a month later worked out well. It has been very nice here all along, very little rain, and most of the days sunny and highs in the 80’s, I like it. Our first two weeks here we parked over by the big barn so we could clean up the 5er. I spent almost four days, washing ,scrubbing, and scrubbing the roof, walls ,underneath and all that. It got very clean. Now my job for July is to get a buffer and go over the rv and get rid of some oxidation that is occurring and then wax it up. It will be a big job, but it has to be done. We also cleaned out the bays and the inside of the rv very good. After being here two weeks we took the rig to dump the tanks at the nearest rv center. Once back here we got ourselves set up in the back spot. Its’ a little quieter and scenic here. So that’s where we are now, as the pics below show.


View from my brother’s back porch


Closer look of our shed and site.


View out our back window.


View from our little back yard

We are pretty settled in her at the spot, although every two weeks we have to go dump. We have caught up with some friends so far, although the pandemic is still very real here, stuff is starting to open. We put the red ram truck on the road for the summer, this way Melissa can zip around as she needs, and it saves miles on the big truck. Before we leave here this fall we will sell the ram truck, as we don’t plan on being back here for two years. Melissa has also started back to work, at Brown Electric, and the pharmacy, only about 20 hours a week, but she feels good to be helping out. I on the other hand thought I would find a little part time work too, but with the pandemic crap, it didn’t work out. I do have a few feelers out for a couple small side construction jobs, we will see. Around here I cut the grass, do some cleaning around here, and have been helping my brother, finally start some work on his kitchen. We are in the process now of wiring the new kitchen for all the plugs and lights he will need. Cooper is doing very well, he always adjusts to where he is. We take him to day care sometimes as he cannot run around here a lot because of the road.

Lastly I am at this time going through a bout of poison sumac. It is like poison ivy but worse. I took a few Sumac trees down about a week ago and of course, was not wearing gloves. It is pretty much all over me, mostly on my upper chest and neck. Does it itch, OH boy does it, kind of driving me crazy. I have been putting lotions and stuff on it, but it takes about three weeks or so, to go away, YIKES.


That’s it for now, enjoy the 4th of July