About Our Blog


Why have we created a blog, very good question?
For us, we think of it as a life’s journal, from where we are now, to where we will be be in the future. And to detail our journey through life as we explore the next part of it.

Also as a way to keep in touch and communicate with family, friends, and the new family of friends we hope to meet and get to know through our blog.

So, we welcome you to “ROADS OF DISCOVERY”, let’s see together what’s around the corner, good or bad, I am sure it will be an adventure.



2 thoughts on “About Our Blog

  1. Many Hofstetter

    It was great meeting you, Dave and of course Cooper. We only wish our time together could have been longer! Safe travels when you start your cross country adventure 😊 we look forward to reading all about it. Whenever you’re in Key Biscayne again be sure to stop in Club Himmy 🤣

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