What an experience we had last Friday at Ballards Camping Center. I was nervous and apprehensive for days before. When we got there the 3450 was set up on one of there camp sites. It was owe some to see, and big. We spent about 3 hours with a few of the tech guys, who showed us all the workings of the coach. I don’t remember any of it, it was too much to take in. Once they were done we were able to stay the rest of the day and overnight. That gave us a lot of time to get a little familiar with all of it. They hooked us up to water and sewer, and power, although it was only 110, so we could not use the air or heat. We were assured it all worked fine. I was deathly afraid of a water leak, all was good.  Had the hot water tank turned on, which worked well. As a matter of fact as hard as I tried I could not find a lot of issues, which we were very pleased with .The dealer prep work on the coach was really a good job. I did find a few nicks and other small items that need attention, inside.  There is one slide out that needs adjusting, a slide bracket that needs a screw tightened, and a front corner mold piece that is cocked. That is the biggest thing, done wrong right at the factory and missed by the inspector. Not sure how this is going to play out, leave it or try to fix it!!!!.

After all that Saturday morning we met with Daryl, let him know the issues we had,and finished up all the paperwork and such. It  went by so fast, the next thing we knew we were back home. We had hoped it would have been delivered this week, but so far no go, I think some of the work had to be approved by Heartland first to get done. Hopefully in the next few days we will have it at Steve’s and start to use it. I plan right now to be there most of the June 27 week to put it through all its paces. The picture below of Melissa speaks for itself. We are very excited and  happy with everything so far.rv1


Now we are getting very excited. The big country has arrived and the dealer is doing all his prep work. He said so far no issues and everything looks and works great. We will see. This Friday we will be going in the afternoon for the walk through and they are letting us stay overnight. This will give me a good amount of time to do my pre inspection, which is a mile long. Any issues hopefully can be corrected  quickly. Looking forward to it.