We now have the truck and 5er damage estimates. Actually have had them about a week now, but been lazy in my posting. We have a $500.00 deduckable on the truck and 5er, so it will be $1,000.00 out of our pocket, everything else will be covered by insurance, including things that may come up while repairs are going on.


The truck is already in the shop, went in Monday. They say it will be about 30 days in the shop, yep that long. As we only have one vehicle, that is a bummer. For now we are relying on friends and family to take us or lend us a car here and there when we need it. Unknowingly we did not have rental insurance on our auto policy (We do now) and the fact that I’m to cheap to rent a car for that long, means that’s what we are doing. We may rent one for a week around June 10th or so as we have places to go. Melissa also needs rides to work during the few days she wants to go ,so this is a hassle. Anyway as to the truck damage.

Total cost for all the repairs is $9,257.00 and change. The auto shop was higher, but the insurance came back with that amount and the auto shop has agreed to it. What will be done, New front hood, New top lid of the truck, how there going to do that, i have no idea. This means the windshield, back glass, interior ceiling liner all come out. Left front fender, both doors and rear panel all coming off, so they have to take the insides of the fenders out, and the interior parts of both doors. They will then pull out, punch out all the dents from both sides, if the front fender cannot be done correctly , it will be replaced. New driver’s mirror and assembly, new tail light covers. Passenger side, has a small amount of dents, these will be pulled out or bonded over. New tanour cover installed. Most of the truck will then be repainted. So, when it comes back it should look almost new, We will see.


Right after we had the hail storm, i took a lot of pictures of the damage. Then i called the insurance company and talked to Alyssa. She said when you are back in town, take it to whoever you would like to do the work. So i sent her all the pics, and when we got back into town we took the Rv to Colton Rv here in North Tonawanda. Shawn at Colton looked at it for us and spent about a half hour or so looking at it. He said he would write up an estimate and send that along with all the pictures HE took, to the insurance company. A week went by and nothing so i called him and he said he just heard that the insurance company wanted more pics and maybe send out an adjuster. WHAT after all the pics sent, they want more. I took more pics and sent them to Alyssa, then i heard that Yep, they want to send out an adjuster. That was set up and an adjuster did come out. It was rainy and cloudy that day(understand all my pics were in the bright sunshine where you could see stuff), the adjuster could not understand why he needed to come out, although after hinting i kind of figured it out. They did not believe that all the damage was caused by hail. He took his pictures and visually verified all the damage(they wanted him to see it). Another ten days or so went by and then i heard from Shawn from Colton, the insurance company contacted him and he was pretty much set to go????. I was a little baffled, why wasn’t I contacted also, and sent the info. So i contacted Alyssa, she had no idea what was going on, OH BOY, but told me when the appraisal comes in, she will send it. Another week has gone by and nothing. So today Friday the 21st of May, i got ahold of Alyssa, she then sent me the appraisal(which had just arrived). Not even close to what Colton’s estimate is. So i contacted Aylssa again, she said you need to talk to the estimator about all that. WHAT, another person is involved, holy crap O la. Forget that so i contacted Shawn, he said right now it is not a final appraisal, as the cost of some things like the slide toppers and a few others are not in, and will be forwarded, not to be worried and all i will have to pay for in the end is our deductable. OK now i have an answer, but i still am concerned about all this running around. Right now the 5er is set to go in on June 14th. More to come on this for sure.

Total cost of repairs from the estimate from Colton, $17,157.00. As i mentioned the insurance appraisal is lower, but we will see. What will be done. For one is a new rubber roof. Both air units, vents, skylite taken off, old rubber roof off, removal of all the roof plywood. New plywood put on, along with the new rubber roof. Then all the units put back on. Along with that on each side new gutter moulding and trim. On the left side of the Rv is a lower metal skirt, it is pot mark with dents, that will be removed and a new one put on. That entails, the removal of the side doors, heater cover, electrical covers, and all that, then they will be replaced. Also a new moulding and cover put on along the length. Two new air conditioner covers, new skylite, and covers for both fans. All three slide covers will be replaced. There are a few other things i want them to check also. I guess that’s enough.

To say the least it has been a little of a trying time, and as they say you have to roll with it, but right now i want to fight it, and make issues with everything and everyone (Sorry dear) not sure why yet. To be continued!!!!!!