The Road Starts Here

ITS 2014…And this is our very first blog post Wooo-Hoooo. Although I have had the blog created and up and running for several months, this is the first blog. Why wait so long, I have no idea, but today feels right.
So, this is the beginning of the unknown journey, although for the past 3 years or so, we have researched, researched, learned, more research, learned as mush as possible. We both still look at each other and say, do we know enough. I guess you can never know enough, but you have to also say enough is enough and its time to start. It also feels like it is the right time, unlike before, so that carma or what ever it is a good sign.
For now that’s it, we are going to the big Buffalo Rv show in a week so I will blog about that experience then, although we already know what we want.

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