Well it’s the end of the year. A very good year in that we got the Rv this year, and kind of a bad year, in the way of a few health issues. Everything right now seems to be on an even keel, so that’s good.

We put up some Christmas decorations a few weeks ago, and we both said maybe this will be the last year we are in the house doing that, I hope so. Time has a way of getting by us, and the more you kind of stay stagnant the more likely you are of never taking the next step. Hopefully come January, we will be taking a giant leap forward toward our next journey.
Right now we are focused on enjoying the holidays with good friends and family and go from there. Otherwise not much else.

I did however find out a few weeks ago that when we ordered the Big Country 3450, that we were most likely having one of the last ones built. They no longer offer this model in the coming year. The new one is about 4′ longer and more money. We are very happy that we were able to get what we had been looking for this year.


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