plugging along and new addition to the family

Mid July already, we have done a lot on the house situation getting it ready to sell. More stuff to be done than I would have thought. More on that later, right now we have a new addition  to our family.  We decided to get a puppy, a lot to handle with the house but decided this was the best time. We got a 10 week old whippet puppy from Georgia. He was flown in and we got him about 2 weeks ago. Both Melissa and I have forgotten how hard it was to raise a pup. So far he is a lot of work and constant watching, but it is going O.K. All the usual issues with puppies are arising, but hopefully in about a month he will be pretty much housebroke. He is adjusting pretty well, so that is good and he has tons of energy, so hopefully that will get me moving more.


The Rv, is a little on the back burner, we have only been there twice, staying over one night. To much going on , on the house.


The house, will be on the market the 31st of July. Have to do some minor work yet and then the interior gets painted. Once that is done they can have an open house and we will se. Right now it is a seller’s market so hopefully it will go fast.

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