It’s here, moving time, seems like we just came back from our labor day vacation with the Rv, which we learned we are only about 1/3d ready to do. More on that later.

But now, IT’s Time to move. All the planning, worry, and endless time passing from the house being put up for sale and now, is OVER. Time to get a move on. Will be a big week coming up, with moving to the apartment and all the stuff going to the shed at Steve’s. Melissa is behind the times with all this, she has been busy working and her thoughts have been on that, but now we both have to concentrate on the move. We are ready, just have to do it. One odd thing though people have asked are you excited, happy and all that, and the real answer is NO, we have been to busy with everything else, and we still are IN the house, I hope once we are gone it will be a more happy, feeling settling in as this is what we have planned for. Will update when it is all over.

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