It’s the middle of March , usually its warmer, it’s not. This year it is staying a little cold. Hope the snow is gone for good this winter. Been a little to much for me. I cannot wait until we get moving this September on our maiden voyage for the winter. Speaking of which I have been very busy lining up places to stay for the winter and booking them for our trip down to Florida for the winter. Pretty much all done for now and it is a lot of work, wonder how it will be in a year or so with all this, may just go where the wind takes us.

Also have been busy just getting a lot of other details sorted out, so i won’t be overwhelmed in a month or two. Everything from insurance to our licenses, all of our accounts, passwords filed and all that.

I also am going to do an update to this blog, new look, and all that pretty soon.

For now that’s it.

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