Took the Rv in the other day to have the brakes and wheel bearings checked. With only 600 miles on the unit, a few people said I was wasting my money and time, glad I did not listen. The front left wheel bearing seal was blown out and grease got all over the brakes and system, not good. They checked the other three wheels and 3 more seals were cracked so they had to be replace. The problem they said was too much grease in the bearing assembly. I never even had the tries off, so this was done at the factory or dealer where I got it. Needless to say I was not happy.

So it all was fixed, I paid the bill and off I went, happy to have had it checked, but not happy with so little miles, I had such a problem going on. So I wrote a letter to Heartland, we will see where it goes, most likely no-where.

It is getting very close to departing time, and we are doing a lot to get moved out of the apartment and into the Rv or store stuff at my brothers. I have to say I am getting excited and a bit nervous and apprehensive, but I guess that is all part of it.

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