Last week we had our dear friends Mary and Don come visit from Ohio. It was a great time had by all. The weather was good, and we visited the battlefield for two days. Being there first time here we took a battlefield guide and toured the battlefield. I then showed them around other areas of the battlefield. We had some great laughs and a good old time. Went to a few good spots to eat, and caught up with all the news all the way around. Before you knew it they had to leave. We have two days left here until we head further south. Tomorrow we will get the Rv ready to go for Thursday. For now that’s all.

One thought on “WHAT A GREAT TIME

  1. mbb6005

    We enjoyed our visit so much. You and Melissa are excellent hosts and tour guides. Thank you for taking the time to plan out such a wonderful visit and for lining up all the must see spots. We are still talking about everything we saw. Have a safe trip to Virginia and we look forward to meeting up with you both again

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