Yep, back in Pendleton, Pendleton south Carolina of course, who knew. It is also one of the most visited places in the country, again who knew. More on that later.

Friday was a rainy day so we cleaned the inside of the Rv most of the day. We rewarded ourselves with a big pot roast dinner, good. Saturday we decided to go for a few more hikes to waterfalls. I t was partly sunny and 60, but good for hiking. We first went to Chau Ram County park ,where they have a 30 foot falls, but wider than most. We liked the falls, but were surprised how nice it was there. We took a few of the trails along the river, where we saw a few rapids and things. There was also a suspension bridge crossing the river, it looked pretty new. In all we hiked a little over a mile.







After that we went to Yellow branch falls. This one is a 60 foot cascade over rock ledges. When we got to the trailhead, there was not a parking spot to be found, we had to park close to the road. This hike to the falls, was about 1.5 miles just to get there. It went through a forested area, and then skirted the side of a hill most of the way. We also had to cross the creek a number of times, there were a few bridges and stepping stone crossings. There were a lot of people on this trail, and when we got to the falls there were about 10 people there. This was a nice falls and pretty loud, with the rain we just had it was running pretty good.IMG_2521





After we got back to the truck, I have to say I was a little popped and hungry. So we decided to go to the Smokin Pig, for dinner. What a place, very popular and the food was good. It was very busy as many people there had just come from the Clemson college football game. We are close to Clemson, people here are fanatical about their collage football. I had the barbeques chopped chicken with fries and fried Okra??. Melissa had the barbeques chopped pork, with sweet potato casserole and banana pudding. We enjoyed our dinners a lot.


OK, back to Pendleon.  Very historic town with lots of history, but it was funny i am back in Pendleton once again. Maybe they need a building inspector. Ha, Ha,.psc

Tomorrow Monday we leave to go to Perry Georgia for 3 days then we go to The top of Florida on Wednesday. we will then be in Florida for the next4 months. Chow for now.

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