We left Fair Haven campground this morning about 11 or so. It was sunny and warm. I drove 180 miles today, as we were driving the roads got flatter and flatter, no hills. We got to Suwannee river State park about 3, which is located in the upper panhandle of Florida. It was 84 and sunny when we got here. Our site is in the outer loop, which meant I had to do a blind back in from my right. Melissa and I communicated by our phones and my first attempt was a little tight, so I had to pull ahead a little more. My next try was fine with Melissa guiding me in. We set up and relaxed a little. The sites here are mostly packed sand. There are pine trees, and palm trees all around.

the river is a short walk from us, and they have 20 miles or so of hiking trails. Tomorrow will be sunny so we will try a few of the trails around. Pictures below are of our site.



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