Today we did some hiking. We went to the other side of the park where they have the trails. The place had about 100 vehicles parked there. This is not only a hiking area it is also a mountain biking and horse trail area. Mainly mountain biking ,from what we have heard it is one of the best places to mountain bike in the country. The main loop about 2 miles long is for hikers ,bikers and horses. Then the trails brake off from there for mainly mountain biking. It goes from easiest, easy, moderate, hard, hardest. You just take the one you want. Hikers cannot go on the designated bike trails. All together we hiked about 5 miles. We did see some other people with dogs, but you do have to be on guard, bikes come up fast. I was a little surprised also to see the number of OLDER people mountain Biking, I mean my age. Good for them. On the trail I had it in the back of my head, but didn’t see any Gators or snakes, thank goodness. Took some pictures which are below, with a little description of each.


Our home out in the distance.


The main map you need to follow for the trails.


A bridge on our hiking trail.


Another part of the hiking trail.


One of the bike trails off the loop.


One of the bike ramps we saw. Pretty neat we saw a number of people do this. Not for a beginner.



A bridge on the bike trail, no railings.




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