We are now in Key Largo which is in the upper keys, staying for two weeks at John Pennakamp State park right on the water. We left Koreshan state park yesterday around 11:00 and got here about 3:30 or so . 187 miles, seems every time I drive pretty far I get pretty tired for a day or so. Guess I am getting old. This is a big State park most of it is in water as a preserve for coral reefs. They have two beaches here not very big, a boat launch and a marina where you can get tours on the glass bottom boat, or go scuba diving or snorkeling out at the reefs. You can also rent canoes and kayaks and go out to the mango groves on the sea trails they have. Will be in the 80’s for at least the next week here. Below is some pictures of our site, which is a tight one and the beaches.




The Marina area.


One of the beaches, which are all coral here, not sandy like we are used to.


Melissa, saying it’s cold.


OH, No the creature from the black lagoon emerging, Oh no it’s lovely Melissa

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