Went to Gator Park today in the Everglades. Went on a air boat tour. It lasted only about 25 minutes, but our guide explained a lot about the area and gators, and it was fun. There were 17 people on our boat, and Melissa and I were the only U. S. Citizens, (Sad). The air boat is powered by a 454 engine with 400 horsepower, and loud, had to wear earplugs. Our guide was Mike and he explained a lot of things to us. The water in the glades only gets about knee-deep and it takes one drop of water one year to travel the entire length to the Atlantic ocean. He also said you can walk in the glades as he has before and never see a gator. They are pretty much afraid of you when you are out in the open area, they think you are after them and they go and hide. Now if you provoke one or are in its nesting area that’s a different story. They do not nest in the vastness of the seagrass, they stay closer to the shallows area. The gators today were smaller than the ones we saw yesterday at the park, but still 6-7 feet long. We also saw a neat turtle and a few of the birds that are around.  As this is fresh water there are no crocodiles here. After the ride we went to the gator show where a guide told us more up close. Melissa even touched one. We then went back to Key Largo and had another early dinner. This Time at Mrs, Mac’s a local staple. Melissa wanted to try Key Lime pie, which they make. As I have had fish the last few days I just had my old standard of chicken tenders and fries. Melissa had a salad, and the pie. Pictures below show our day.



The boat, and Mike getting ready to seat us


The channel out to the seagrass


First gator, they have names for them but I forgot.


They were all sunning themselves today which they have to do to regulate there bodies.


Orange spotted turtle.


3 year olds taking a swim


5 footers laying around



The alligator show.IMG_2686

Melissa want him for dinner.


I was talking but no one was talking back ??


Dinner spot.

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