Today we went to the beach. Cocoa beach, which is on the Atlantic coast here. It was hot today about 86, but felt nice on the beach . We spent about 3 hours or so there and walked about 2 miles on the sandy beach getting our feet wet with the waves washing ashore. The Cocoa beach area proper is very busy and a tourist trap, so we drove further down to where there was a park ,and the parking was free. One thing we really noticed was that there were quite a lot of fisherman on the beach, not sure what they are after, but one guy said he caught a 3 foot shark once. We left and drove down historic route 1, (We have been on it a lot lately) and stopped at the Twistee Treat, for an ice cream ,boy was it good with the heat.



Also last night we saw a rocket launch ,well part of one as we are about 25 miles away. But when the sky lit up I knew it had lifted off, and waited a few seconds for it to come above the trees. The photo isn’t the best but it was neat, we could see it go up and up and then out of sight.IMG_0201


  1. Sandy M

    We’ve seen a daytime launch but during day you don’t get to see the sky light up at launch but just see the rocket in the sky once it clears the buildings along by the beach. Sounds like a great day!

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