We are now at our home base for the summer, which is at my brother’s house here in Newfane New York, about 20 miles east of Niagara Falls New York. We actually got here two weeks ago.  When we got here we noticed right away it was cooler, in fact the weather has not been all that great. It has been raining and only in the 50’s. The last few days however have improved and hopefully that will be the trend. We are not used to it being cloudy ,rainy or cooler. We decided to park the rig by the barn so that I could wash it easier, but that hasn’t worked out. This weekend we will move to the shed area, I have set up. I have been pretty busy getting the barn cleaned up, so we can clean out the shed, that has all our stuff in it, some will go to a garage sale coming up soon, and the rest will be put in the barn or shed. Melissa has also started back to work at her old place of employment, right now about 15 hours per week. It is kind of a weird feeling being back here, we are used to being on the go ,and I see already life will slow down a little bit. I guess that is good as we can reflect on our 8 months of being away. We already have plans on leaving Sept 10th, for Florida again and not be back until the end of May next year.


This is the spot we will be backing into this weekend. We will be facing the back woods.

One thought on “HOMEBASE

  1. Sandy M

    Looks like a beautiful place to relax, be off the road for a while, and get fully charged up for the next busy section of your travels. And further reevaluating your stored things sounds like a great plan. And garage sales are soooo fun! And by being back ‘home’ you can appreciate being on the road again even more.

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