Monday we took the 5er out for a drive, about 50 miles or so. It was one of the very few days here it was sunny. We had to drop off some stuff to my sister in law for the garage sale, so we took it out. On the last turn before we get to my brother’s, I pulled over and told Melissa I did not feel well. She looked at me strange and I said it again adding I think you better drive. She certainly looked concerned, then I smiled and said your turn to drive. I got her good, her mood changed from real concern to you, ass hole you. I got out and went to the passenger side and she got in the drivers seat. I really wasn’t too concerned, it was only a little over a mile and no turns. She did good and I am proud of her, she got up to about 40 mph or so, and came to a good stop in front of my brother’s house. She now knows what it’s like to pull 13,000 pounds or so. From there I pulled it into the driveway. Now its all I hear, when can I drive it again. Hold your horses, I say a little at a time.


  1. Bill McHenry

    I love it. You now also have a monster on your hands. It is good to have a backup. Good luck to the both of you.

    The next step is to take her to a large parking lot and teach her how to backup that big rig. :-). Bill

  2. Sandy

    Yay Melissa!! How awesome!!! Start with small distances and you’ll be soon outdriving Dave!!!! I have total and complete faith in you!!! Now to schedule in some time for maneuvering in a school parking lot this summer and you’ll be ready for fall travel!! And Dave, you’ll have a great co-driver!!

  3. mbb6005

    Congratulations Melissa….that’s a huge step …but I knew you could do it! Remind me to slap Dave for scaring you like that 💕😊

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