Today was a nice day, this park has been a nice surprise. It was sunny and a comfy 91 out today, we hiked a total of 5 miles or so. Our first hike was on the tranquility trail. It was about 2 miles in a pine forest , up and down through ravines to grandma’s house we go. The next hike was the river hike, up and down through the rocks and boulders near the river, and looped around. That showed great views of the river, which is very low. Last year it was almost at flood stage. Just after the dam there is an 85 foot falls, which is pretty neat.





Let’s go tubin!  Be neat to take an inner tube down here, but someone would get hurt.


I kept bumping into this very pretty lady, with her dog.


Back in the day after the Indians scalped you, say mid 1800’s settler’s put up a grist mill here, and a small town started to spring up ,and soon was pretty big for the day. During the civil war it was producing a lot of grain and stuff, and even the confederates burned it down so not to fall into union hands. After that in the 1880’s the main railroad bypassed here and soon it became a ghost town.


Ruins of the grist mill.


As it looked in the day.

In the early 1900’s they built a dam to contained the water and create a lake ,and to harness the water for electricity.


Manmade dam in the background.

Then in the 30’s they built a hydro, electric plant and harnessed even more water for electricity. By the early 60’s it became obsolete and all the property was turned over to the state for a park.



Water rushed through the tunnels to create power in the turbines.

All in all it was a nice visit here. Tomorrow we leave and head to Steven Foster state park where we have been before.


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