Today we went back to the Kennedy space center. Earlier in the year we were here and at the time of our visit there were a few things closed. So , we knew we would be back in the fall.

The Heroes and Legends building is now open and it was pretty neat. It goes through all the astronauts, but mainly on the original 7 who paved the way.


The front as you enter, with the original 7 depicted. The building is forty feet high


Part of the early original Mercury Control center.

FullSizeRender - 2019-09-29T172810.293

This really makes you wonder, how they did it.

Another building we got to go in was the Heritage building of the early days of Florida, up to NASA coming in. That was neat too.


In the 1890’s Melissa would have worn this outfit, in the Florida heat.

After that we went back to the Atlantis building, for the grand entry program they have to get you in the mood.

Then we took a bus tour, which is included in your ticket, ( We took an extended behind the scenes tour last time, which was extra.). The tour takes 45 minutes, and takes you out to different areas of the center, like launch pads, buildings, and the like. We did see a few things this time we did not see last time.


This is not a building, but a covered bardge, it just got in the other day with a huge part of a rocket set to launch in Oct. It’s 250 feet long, and is called Pegasis. It came down the Mississippi river, into the gulf, around the keys and into the bay here, and is now docked. Most if not all the major pieces of a rocket are built along the Mississippi, and brought here for assembly.

The  bus tour drops you off at the Saturn 5 building, which is my favorite. We saw the entry program again and really did not stay to see the Saturn V, as we did that before. We did however see the new Apollo garden walkway, that just opened for the 50 th anniversary, this year. That was also pretty neat.

FullSizeRender - 2019-09-29T172722.537

Apollo II statue, with Collins, Armstrong and Aldrin, they are facing out toward the launch pad where they took off to land on the moon.


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