They were dropping like flies, people were running from under trees, panic ruled the morning. Not really but yesterday morning an alert went out over the radio, Tv ,and internet, to watch for falling Iquana.


It got down to 35 degrees, here in Fort Myers, and 40 in Miami.  It hasn’t been that cold in almost 10 years they said. Iquana, sleep in trees, they range in size from a foot to six feet long or so. In Key Largo it was not un common to see 4 to 5 footers all the time. They are invasive here in Florida and come from South America, where it is not cold. You can hunt them all year long. They eat all kinds of stuff, including plastic, and wiring. Sometimes you hear of one getting fried, because it ate through a power cable.

Well yesterday as it got cold, there bodies began to shut down and they go comatose. When that happens they just fall out of trees, sometimes they die from the fall or just lay there till it warms up. If you are under one when it falls, you are going to get hurt.

When they fall a lot of people go get them and put them in the freezer. They then sell them to markets for there meat. Today there is a lot of meat for sale. Who knew, now you know a little history of Iquanas. Also pythons freeze in the cold lets hope a lot of them die.


  1. Bill McHenry

    Iguana meat for sale😀. A delicacy. You can roast them on a stick over a fire😀. Yumm
    Actually the news channels here in Phoenix were reporting on the falling iguanas in Florida

  2. Sandy

    Yuk! Iguana meat????? No thanks! 😝
    I’m sure Melissa would be great at finding recipies though.
    Love how you always have the details on everything! You have missed your calling….historian, radio show host and so many other things you’d be great at Dave.

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