Wednesday we went to visit a friend. He and I were next door neighbors, I have known him since I was 9 or 10 years old. We grew up together, went to school, played football, on the same track team and all that. He was my best man in our wedding which has now been 30 years ago, Holy cow. Over the years we have stayed, not stayed in touch. He and Ann marie have been in Florida for two week, staying at his house in Isle of Capri, which is just below Naples. We had a great visit with both of them, got to see the house ,and  good history lesson on Isle of Capri, and Marko Island Florida.


FullSizeRender - 2020-01-30T191534.697

My buddy Mike.


Mike’s house is on Dolphin Circle, which is in the upper left corner of the map. Mike’s father bought a vacant lot there in 1965 and built a two story, southern style house. At the time it was only about the 6 th house built, and all the roads in the whole entire area, were just crushed shells, and narrow one lanes.


Front of the house, for some reason we did not get a full view picture. Until a few years ago the house had been rented out to the same person for 18 years. To say the least it was not in tip top condition when he took it over a few years ago.Still needs some sprucing up but Mike has brought it a long way from what it looked like.


The back yard, one of the only lots that don’t have a dock. His father never put one in. The bay inlet there is not man made.


Nest door docks, and view of the bigger houses.


This house I believe Mike said ,belongs to the guy who owns John Deere


Some of the styles of houses, some had huge garage doors and garages, which Mike said inside are loaded with antique cars.


Next door neighbors infinity pool.

FullSizeRender - 2020-01-30T191006.847

Unique mail box décor.


FullSizeRender - 2020-01-30T191058.843

We ate a late lunh at this place which is right at the beach. Lunch was very good.

FullSizeRender - 2020-01-30T191129.395

South beach

FullSizeRender - 2020-01-30T191559.216

Another view of the beach.


Walk along the beach


Me, Mike, and his girl friend Anne-Marie, looking for shells


IMG_1695 (1)

Some of the nice shells we found on South beach on Marco Island.

Marco Island, and Isle of Capri are for sure, for the wealthy, Mike’s neighbors include, the owners of Allied Van Lines and John Deere Tractor. It was a great day like I said, and I am lucky to still have a good amount of my childhood friends, as FRIENDS.

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