Today is our last day here at Cypress Trails, in Fort Myers. Before I get to far along, Melissa and I have an announcement to make. Below is a pic of our new venture.

FullSizeRender - 2020-02-04T190041.925

We will only be selling ribs, open December through February, and only open from noon till five on weekends. I will be cooking and Melissa will be a server. Cooper will be a greeter. Now if you believe that I have some prime swamp land for you in the everglades. Bet I got a few people there!!!!

Staying here has been a lot of fun, the weather was nice, got to see some friends we met last year, and met some new people, who we now consider friends. It’s a bit bittersweet though, as we most likely will not be coming back here. It’s just too expensive, from last year to this year the rates went up over 50%. What we spend here for a month can almost get us a place around Fort Myer’s for almost two months. That’s a big deal. We know we will be up this way next January for a month or two ,but just have not decided where to stay yet.

I posted on things we did here this year. and below is just a few pics of some of the other things we did.


Melissa and Patti at the fashion show, the other day.


The other day we were walking by the pond, and a few guys were sailing there remote control boats around. They asked if I wanted to try. So I did. He explained the controls to me and off I went into the wild blue yonder. Wait that’s flying ,OK I went Sailing away into the sunset. I went up and down the pond a few times, and all you control is the rudder and sail, it does go by itself in the wind. Even though I did a few laps, its harder than you think you have to keep the sail at a 45% angle to the wind. It was fun to do ,but im not ready to go get a sail boat yet.


FullSizeRender - 2020-02-02T182409.269





Of course we had to go to Mel’s one last time this year.

Tomorrow we are off to La Belle, which is only 40 miles to the east, but far enough away from the hectic Fort Myers area.



  1. Sandy

    We were wondering your plans for next year! Let us know if you find a spot nearby and we’ll check it out too! Tough to enjoy yourself when they price gouge. Not sure what we’ll do next year but we plan to connect in Florida at some point with you next year. Wherever you end up!! Friends always. 😎

  2. mbb6005

    You at least need a tshirt from Famous Dave’s haha. Looks like you had a great time there
    Looking forward to seeing you guys.

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