This morning we left Ortono, and headed to Hillsborough River state park, which is about 40 miles east of Tampa. Drove a total of 171 miles, things went well. We are only here for one night, and head north tomorrow. We got a nice pull thru although I had to jockey a little to get to the electric box. Sites here are very large, although the camp roads are kind of tight. Total of 84 sites, all pretty much along the Hillsborough river. This is also a very large park with a lots to do, from biking to hiking, to canoeing the river etc. and there is also a swimming pool. A bit out in the middle of no where. We are no longer on concrete pad sites, here they are sand and grass, which is fine, also we are now back into the hardwood hammocks of Florida with lots of live oak trees covered in moss. Next year on our way out of Florida we will stay here a few days and explore.

Today had one bummer though. Got up this morning and got my phone, dead as a door nail. Fully charged and dead, could not do anything, tried all the usual stuff, turning it on off etc. Melissa’s phone did the same thing last year at only two months old. They had to send her a new one. so I guess they will do the same for me. Cannot have it looked at till Friday when we are in Gulf Shores. Real bummer man.

Pics of our site.







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