Our days at Georgia/Tennesse

When we arrived here we didn’t realize that we were on the border of a time zone change. Dave was in Central time and I was in Eastern time that’s what our phones we’re telling us, it was confusing.  If I lived here, I wouldn’t know if I was coming or going, sometimes I feel like that anyway. We decided to follow Eastern time because that’s what we’re used to.


It has been nice and also odd being in Rossville GA & Chattanooga Tennessee mainly because we weren’t originally supposed to be here. Like everyone else things had to change. I am glad Dave found The Holiday RV Park mostly because it has been warm here and back in NY, they have had snow not unusual for this time of year plus, it’s been a nice place to stay. One of the things we do daily is go to Camp Jordan Arena & Sports Complex. Outside the huge arena is soccer fields, baseball diamonds, amphitheater, a 2 acre pond for fishing, is a 19 hole disc-golf course, nature trails and the walking track. The huge arena, soccer fields, etc. haven’t been open due to the virus, but fortunately the walking track/path is, so we have definitely been using it.

sign park & arenaarena




We walked the nature trails and the paved walk.  The paved walk is 2 miles around.  Some days we only did the round once other days it was more rounds.  We saw the same ducks everyday, we named them Curly, Larry, Moe and Felix?  the weather was great and we got our exercise!

A walk in the park is a pleasure to do, When a visit to one is long overdue, To take the dogs too, is really great ,For the exercise is just first rate.

The peacefulness can be very strange, For quietness is such a change, From all the traffic rushing by, The decibels get really high.

We have to live with constant noise, That often takes away the joys and contentment, that a walk can give us. We’ve got to count is as a real plus. There’s a lake where fishing is a must.

At the end of the lake, the ducks you’ll meet, And geese and swans, with their webbed feet, All gather hoping to be fed, With slivers of cake and slices of bread.

There are soccer courts and baseball diamonds too, You can do most anything you want to do, For children, roundabouts and swings, Seesaws, slides, gosh, there’s lots of things.

The flowers are a joy to view, The colours bright with the morning dew, Red, yellow, purple, pink and peach, Lifting their heads the sun to reach. A walk in the park takes away the strain, Of working, which we have to go back to again, But as long as we take just a little time out To relax, that to me is what life’s all about.  

Ernestine Northover

We went to a BBQ place called Buddy’s for takeout



It was good, but not as good as our friend Abe’s way down yonder in The Miss!

                                                                0  o  0  o  0  o  0  o  0  o   0 o  0


Dave & I were in this area about 14 years ago with some friends and got to see Look Out Mountain, Ruby Falls, The battlefields and Memphis were we saw the King.  Good thing because this time around they were closed.

We went to Racoon Mountain Raccoon Mountain which is made up of several trails that circle the TVA Raccoon Mountain pumped storage facility system.  We heard it was open but it was also closed.  It was a nice ride up to the facility and we stopped a few times up the mountain.




Stopped at this cemetery tucked way on the side of the mountain.  It has definitely been here awhile.

I was pleasantly surprised when we visited Chattanooga.  We parked and then spent the day walking along the art district and the many path ways they have along they way.

Located in a historic neighborhood in Chattanooga, TN, Bluff View Art District has visual, horticultural and culinary arts. Situated downtown, Bluff View Art District has restaurants, cafes, patios and paths all on different levels that view the Tennessee River. The switch back trail from the river up to the Hunter Museum has several sculptures that are unique and fun to see along the way. This is Chattanooga’s first art district which stretches over 1.5 city blocks, set high atop stone cliffs that plunge into the river below. From this bluff front location, you will see views of the Tennessee River, downtown Chattanooga, and the Walnut Street Bridge.

Here are some sights and sounds along the way ……



We had takeout at Rembrandt’s Bluff View Bakery.  They had an open area in the back so we ate it there.  I had a piece of chocolate cheese cake and Dave had a glazed cinnamon bun.  They were both really good!





Then we walked thru the sculpture garden to the river walk and over the bridge


Some of the sculptures I really liked, others I couldn’t tell what they were trying to show, say or whatever.

This one I think should be called “Bad Hair Day”


    1. Savoy is a variety of the common cabbage, having curled leaves,  So I guess you could say their dancing for cabbage?  Must be hungry.


Batter Up, Definitely one of my favorites !


The “Doohicky –  Whagamacallit”  Looks neat whatever they are


My Favorite it’s called “Free Money”  They look so cute!


Built in 1890, the 2,376 feet  Walnut Street Bridge was the first to connect Chattanooga, Tennessee’s downtown with North Chattanooga. “The bridge was apparently the first non-military highway bridge across the Tennessee River.” The “county bridge”, as the Walnut Street Bridge was once known, connected the predominantly white city on the south side of the Tennessee River with the large black work force on the north side (“North Shore”) in Hill City, a town that was occupied by Chattanooga in 1912.

The bridge was closed to motor vehicles and sat in disuse and disrepair for nearly a decade. Repairs and structural modifications have been made to turn the bridge into what it is now a pedestrian walkway. The Walnut Street Bridge was added to the National Register of Historic Places on February 23, 1990. The 2,376 foot (720 m) pedestrian bridge sits near the heart of a massive and recently completed urban renewal project.

We had a great day in Chattanooga, which Dave tells me the word Chattanooga is from a Indian word meaning  “rock rising to a point.”


A fifth wheel we saw at the campground.  Dave could have built  this when he had all his tools, nuts, bolts and marbles. 



5 thoughts on “Our days at Georgia/Tennesse

  1. Sandy

    Very cool 5th wheel!
    Very strange seeing those photos completely devoid of crowds. Soon that will change. But I’d enjoy definitely that solitude you’ve found for sure. Beautiful sights you’ve found. 🙂

  2. Bill McHenry

    I like the doohickey. Rhyming in a blog is a great idea. Yes I think Dave could have built that 5th wheel. Nice to see the sunshine and nice weather through your pictures as it has been cold up here with snow. Yuck. You two keep enjoying that nice weather and don’t head back to NY to early

  3. Mary

    Great tour. Thank you. I love the playground. Do you think they drive that RV tiny house around or just park it permanently. Very cool. So are you eating pulled pork now. Wow. That is a huge step. Love you bestie

    1. Hi Bestie, Guess what? I’m back to my norm. Only steak I eat will be Don’s and for pork it’s only going to be Abe’s. Needless to say I won’t be eating steak or pork for a long, long time. It was fun while it lasted!

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