We are now at Steve’s Rv park, which is actually our home base. We decided to drive straight through today and not stop over night. Drove eight hours today and a total of 377 miles, that is the most miles driven and time driving. I am tired. The roads had very little traffic, I guess because both Pa and NY are still pretty much locked down. I noticed two things once we got into New York, not many trees in bloom or green and we saw at least 10 state troopers, set up with radar, I guess they need to catch all the people staying home, Communist state. It is suppose to be in the low 70’s for the next week which is nice, we have a lot of work to do on the 5er. It took a pretty good beating, roads all over the place just suck. We have parked near to the big barn this time, so it will be easier to clean the Rv, then in a few weeks pull over to our spot by the shed in the woods. Kind of glad to be back, it has been 8 months of travel for us.


Our spot by the big barn.


  1. Sandy

    You’re 🏡! Welcome to the northeast! 8 months was quite the adventure!! Now the countdown til the next adventure! 😁

  2. mbb6005

    Nice to be home….something familiar. I am sure NY will be somewhat behind the rest of the country as far as restrictions. Good luck.

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