We are at Mayberry campground, here in Mt Airy NC. We have been here before, no real frills here, but a good one night stop over. We drove 188 miles from Staunton Va to here today, up and down the hills of Virginia, into North Carolina by way of Fancy gap a 40 mph uphill climb followed by a 7 mile, 8% grade downhill, hitting 70 mph . Traffic was horrible, nothing but semis on the road. Plus along the way Wide load vehicles passed me and when i looked back it was a huge mining truck bed almost taking up both lanes, he wasn’t really gonna stop for me, so i went into the shoulder lane and let him pass, that was exciting NOT. It was also down right hot here 84, i think. A little cooler weather ahead for us the next several days. Other than that we are doing well. Pic below is of our spot here.


  1. Bill

    Sounds like a lot of white knuckle driving the last couple of days for you two. So you are in Mayberry. Are there any remnants of the Andy Griffith show in town? Say hello to Andy, Opie, Aunt Bee, Goober, and Barney for me. Hopefully the rest of your trip goes smooth.

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