We have now been here one month plus a few days, seems a lot longer than that, not sure why. Two months to go, then off to see the wizard !!!!. Melissa, and I along with Cooper are doing good. One thing for sure is that we are doing way more walking, biking and hiking than we ever did when we were in Key Largo, which is a good thing. For the remaining time we are here ,we will now be working, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Melissa will be at the gate and open the park and work from 7:30 to 1:30. I am in shop and maintanance, and kind of do my own thing. When a project comes up i go do it, other than that i really do not have a set schedule time wise, could work 4 hours one day and 3 the next. They really, i do not think know what to do with me. You see normally the volunteers here, which there is only two couples would be working at the light house during there shifts, but it is closed. Closed due to Covid, so no one can go into the light keepers cottage or go up the light house itself, which is really a shame right now.

One thing to share is a lot of people ask me what is the single most found item while picking up trash, and by far it is plastic bottle caps. They are everywhere, in the ocean, on the beach in the grills, all over. The second most thing i find is, a surprise even to me , but it is those plastic (Green) teeth flossers, thingies. After they use them people just throw them on the ground. There you have it.

I do have to say the park here is beautiful ,we walk just a little bit and we are at the beach or along the sea wall at the bay. The other day we rode our bikes into town , I got a hair cut and Melissa explored a little, then we took a long walk on the beach i think 3 miles, and i finally did it, I dove in the ocean, it was a little cold, didn’t stay in long ,but it was refreshing. We have also now walked the beach at dusk along with Cooper, when the park is closed, it is pretty neat seeing the stars coming out and the light house lit up, will be doing that again for sure.

That’s about it for now, maybe my next post will be more interesting.


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