LIFE Is a Beach

Yep, life is a beach, unlike the rest of the country, shivering, freezing cold, miserable, and dealing with a pandemic, here it is beautiful, everyday, and most people do not seem to know a pandemic is going on. It has been in the low 80’s mostly sunny, everyday, with a few days of 88 or so, and very little rain. SO what to do. Well, walk on the beach of course. We walk a few miles on the beach with our feet in the water, and take a dip in the ocean here and there, rinse and repeat. As to the pandemic, we are right on the flight path for the Miami airport, every 5 minutes or so, planes take off and come in for a landing, ALL day. Hoards of people are here, most wear masks, a lot don’t, 6 feet apart forget it. SO, again what to do, we just grin and bear it ,HA Ha. Besides dealing with that, it really can’t get any better here, and we are having a great time. For now Ya all take care now, ya hear.

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