We have been setting up our travel plans for the next two years, and pretty much have it figured out. Cooper is in agreement with our plans so all is right with the wrold.

Until March 31st 2021 we will still be here at Key Biscayne.

Gulf Shores State Park Alabama – April 1st to April 10th

Buckaneer State Park Louisiana – April 10th to April 12th

Houston Rv park Texas, April 12th to April 14th

Jellystone Park Kerrsville Texas April 14th to April 16th

Maraton Rv park Texas April 16th to April 20 here we will visit Big Bend National Park

Mission rv park El Paso Texa April 20th to April 25th here we will visit Carlsbad, and Quadaloupe National; Parks

Coachlight Rv park Las Cruses Texas April 25th to April 29th here we will visit White Sands national park, and other places.

Katchner Caverns State park Benson Arizona April 29th to May 12th

Butterfield Rv Resort Benson Arizona May 12th to Sept 12 th here we will enjoy the summer and take one day or multi day trips to places while leaving the 5er in place.

Sept 12th till Oct 8th travel to the lower part of Colorado, not sure yet where we will stay.

Oct8th to Oct 15 make our way back to John Pennecamp in Key Largo

John Pennecamp State park Oct 15 to Jan 5th 2022 workcamp

Tampa (near) Florida Jan 5th to Feb 5th (not sure where yet)

Lower Florida (Where??) Feb 5th to March 1st

Bill Baggs State park Key Biscayne Florida March 1st to May 31st work camping

May 31st to June 3rd travel up to Savannah Georgia

Creekfire Rv Resort Savannah Georgia June 3rd to June 10th

June 10th to June 20th travel back up north to our home base in Newfane NY

Home base NY June 20th to July 31st

Travel out west to Utah area July 31st Aug 10th

Utah area Aug 10th to Sept 31st

Travel to the lower part of Arizona stay for the winter till end of March 2023 From there we do not know yet.

As you see from above we are work camping again next winter. After that we will take a break from work camping for a few years and see how it goes. Things may change but for now this is our plan.


2 thoughts on “TRAVEL PLANS NEXT 2 YEARS

  1. Sandy

    That is some serious planning! And it sounds like a fabulous trip!! Great sights to see. We will be in Phoenix Dec 1 to May 1 , but 2022. But winter 2023 we will be back in Florida! We will be in some similar areas several times, just different years! 😫. We will leave Mesa AZ on May 1, but 2022. Had to look up your summer resort, in Benson. Glad they have a pool. You guys will be sooo tan!!

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