There wasn’t a lot going on in Gulf Shores until the completion of the Intracoastal Waterway in 1937, and the opening of the Gulf State Park in 1939, were both crucial factors in attracting people to the Gulf Shores area.

One of the first modern condos was built shortly after Hurricane Frederic in 1979. This made way for today’s landscape of beachfront high rises, beachfront communities, and tourist destinations.

It’s Gulf Shores State park that brings us back to AL.  The state park’s 6,500 acres mostly encompass the land behind the Gulf Shores beach community.  The Park features 28 miles of paved trails or boardwalks, two miles of beaches, a huge campground,  Lodge and conference center, nature center, restaurant, cabins, heated swimming pool, kayak, canoeing tennis & pickle ball courts, etc. I sound like I’m doing a commercial for the park, but we do like it here.

May you always have a shell in your pocket and sand in your shoes.”


Our good friends Sandy & Bill, aka Our Pickleball Partners, were going to join us for our stay at Gulf Shores State Park, but as we all know covid changes everthing.

Me & my partner Bill
Dave & his partner Sandy

Dave & I played but we kept looking for our partners for help.  They were helping us mentally, but boy did we need them here physically as well!   Hopefully we’ll meet up on the road sometime soon!

The heated pool at the campground. We didn’t go in the water was only 72 degrees, We’re sissies we’re use to the warm ocean water of Key Biscayne.


One of our walks we was the Pavilion, Butterfly Garden and Boulder Park on Catman Trail in the park.

On another path we found Ron’s FIX it STATION, What a great idea! Instead of a bench, which is nice,

Ron donated an air pump and tools to get your bike back in business. 😊

We found a slide on the side of a trail

A bench at Gulf Shores for Campground Volunteers for 2020 & 2021. I think that all campgrounds should have a bench like this !

3 thoughts on “GSP

  1. Sandy

    We have got to find a way to have a pickleball “zoom meeting” so we can play virtually, as we’re missing playing with you too! That way Dave can pick up every shot I miss. I miss his expertise on the court! Love the virtual players you added to your photos. 😍

    And you two never fail to dig deep into a location and find things we did not see when we were there last time.

    72 degrees in the pool Brrrr. I’d skip it too!

    Keep on enjoying gulf shores! The photos bring back lots of great memories.

  2. Bill McHenry

    As Sandy said you two have stumbled upon some things that we did not see or maybe it has been added since we were there last. We do miss playing pickle ball with you two. It just isn’t as much fun with just two of us. Sandy has been checking You Tube for different Pickle Ball moves for her and Dave to use, but I am not worried as I have Melissa on my team with endless natural talent. Melissa and I are up for the challenge any day of the week 🙂

  3. You guys are living life. I am so happy for you. I love the slide It’s a shame your friends couldn’t be there for pickle ball. Do they know a melissa is a tennis pro? Enjoy and happy trails

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