During world war II, when warships would be damaged in combat, they would return to there home port for a retrofit or Refit. This is what we are doing. Returning to our home base for a damage refit. We will be here for a few months anyway. The last few days here have been a little nerving. We both have been a little on edge and eating way too much. We need to just settle in and make the most of it. Seeing familial things around here has been good and bad. Comforting to see them but knowing we should be in Arizona right now. In any event we have been busy, we have caught up a little with family and a few friends. Melissa has seen both of her old employers, and WILL be going back to work for both of them on and off here for a while. She wants to keep busy. For me I have enough to do soon. Both the truck and the 5er have been into the shops( more damage to both than we thought) and we are now just waiting for the estimates. Once they are in and we get things set up, I think we both will feel more at ease, and settle in for the time we will be here. The weather has been a big difference from what we are used to, so, that’s a bummer for now. Other than that just waiting to see the cost of things. For now operation refit has commenced.

2 thoughts on “OPERATION “REFIT”

  1. It’s understandable you are both on edge. You just had sustained substantial damage to BOTH your car and home. Most people have stress when just one of these things occur. Makes perfect sense you’d be distressed. Things will work out and you will soon be on the road again. Then you will have an interesting story to share with people you meet on your future travels.

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